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Dimensions: 24″ x 48″
Medium: Enamel on Masonite

While everyone else was out reveling on Saturday night, I was toiling away making sure my paintings were ready to hang at Fitness Together.  As a reward, I drank what some would consider a little too much calvados,  put the complete works of the Flaming Lips on shuffle and painted this.  I really like the area just right of center, I think it looks like a Morey Eel.

I would love to give this painting to Wayne Coyne, if you are Wayne Coyne, know Wayne Coyne,  or know someone who knows Wayne Coyne, I would appreciate any help you can give in helping me accomplish this mission.


Medium: Enamel Paint on what appears to be an old old Artist’s worksurface.  I’m guessing it is MDF.
Size: 54″ x 42″
Music: Les Claypool: Live Frogs Set 2 (Pink Floyd’s Animals) & Lou Reed’s Dirty Boulevard.

The panel saw was broken at Lowes today which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Unfortunately, I realized this after sifting through all of the masonite to find the one piece that was not chipped or water damaged.   Oh well, so it goes…

Feeling kind of dejected and without a surface to paint, I sulked back to the studio saying that this would be a good day to do some cleaning.  Fortunately, as is often the case, someone had the good foresight to leave me some material in the trash corridor.  Today it happened to be a very beat up desktop that really deserved a place in the wastebin, but I had bigger ideas.  No cleaning for me thank god… See above…

UPDATE: This was Mahalia Stines old workbench.  She makes beautiful jewelry and handpainted silk scarves.

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