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Thanks to everyone who made AGAST 2011 awesome.  Talking about painting to new people and selling a few in the process is always good times.  If you saw my work but were unable to get back to look at it again, shoot me an email and set up a studio visit at



It has been awhile, but I assure you there are big things to come so act like the little kitten on the poster and hang in there…


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The installation did not go as planned which I feel is best summed up by Alan Greenspan’s testimony to Congress in October 2008.

REP. HENRY WAXMAN: … Do you feel that your ideology pushed you to make decisions that you wish you had not made?

ALAN GREENSPAN: Well, remember that what an ideology is, is a conceptual framework with the way people deal with reality. Everyone has one. You have to — to exist, you need an ideology. The question is whether it is accurate or not.

And what I’m saying to you is, yes, I found a flaw. I don’t know how significant or permanent it is, but I’ve been very distressed by that fact.

REP. HENRY WAXMAN: You found a flaw in the reality…

ALAN GREENSPAN: Flaw in the model that I perceived is the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works, so to speak.