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Come on out to my studio on September 8th and 9th as I participating in GO Brooklyn.


Thanks to everyone who made AGAST 2011 awesome.  Talking about painting to new people and selling a few in the process is always good times.  If you saw my work but were unable to get back to look at it again, shoot me an email and set up a studio visit at


2011 AGAST is almost upon us!  Come on out  October 15th and 16th from noon until 6pm and see my latest work as well as the great work of several hundred artists.  I will be showing my paintings, lighting, and a few sculptures.

Event Info:

Participant Galleries:

Title: Cairn Nº 1
Medium: Mixed Media Tensile Structure- Wire, Wood, Rope, Stone, and LEDs
Location: Temporary Installation in McCarren Park, Williamsburg Brooklyn
Size: 24’x20’x11′ (approx)

Come out and see some great installations this Saturday from 5-9 in McCarren Park.  My friends over at Outside the Time Zone have organized another great event.




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Title: Light Nº 4
Size: 5′ x 2′-6″ x 4′
Media: Concrete, Fluorescent Tubes, Rigid Metal Conduit, Flexible Metal Conduit

This piece was debuted at the OTZ Rooftop Sculpture Show closing party.  The intent is for this piece to be a chandelier so stay tuned for more photos.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this weekend awesome.  Fortunately,the show had such a great turnout that the good people at Outside the Time Zone decided to extend the show to next weekend.  Come out next Friday and Saturday and see what everyone is talking about or to enjoy the magic all over again!  I will update this post once the times are set.  For now, enjoy the photos below or see my facebook album here.

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Title: The Mood Organ
Size: 24″ x 12″ x 8″
Media: Fluorescent Tubes, Color Plastic Filters, Plaster, Enamel Paint, Steel, Wire

I started making this piece a few weeks ago while still partially deaf from the Dan Deacon concert at Cake Shop.  Apparently the show knocked some craziness loose in my head and this is the result.  This piece is part painting, part sculpture, and part architecture model.  Intended to be a table lamp, it uses amber  colored plastic tubes to soften the light from the fluorescent tubes.  The name of piece derives itself from a device mentioned in Phillip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? In it, the characters have a small tabletop fixture where they can dial in whatever emotion they wish to feel.  This novel was also the basis for the movie Blade Runner.  (Nerd Alert)

Title: Light No. 3
Size: 8′-0″ x 4′-0″ x 4′-0″
Media: Fluorescent Tubes, Colored Borosilicate Glass, Metal Conduit, Concrete, Wire, Paint

This is my first “big” light sculpture and it will be featured in an upcoming show in Williamsburg, stay tuned for details.

Title: Light No. 2
Size: 24″ x 12″ x 6″
Media: Fluorescent Tubes, Cement, Wire, Paint

Well, I didn’t win, but here is my submission to DOT’s “reNEWable Times Square” RFP.   I’m guessing it is okay to post this now since I did not receive a phone call on Tuesday.  Enjoy!

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The brief asks for a temporary paving design for the pedestrian plazas between 42nd and 47th streets on Broadway.  The design enhances the electric space of Times Square and acts as a unifying design element for the ocular cacophony that is Times Square. Using simple components, a grid, primary colors, and squares, the result is highly complex. Intended to be evocative of pixels, tetris shapes, and Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie,” this design plays to the automatic nature of the Manhattan Grid.  The 5’x5’ module is based on the standard sidewalk flag size in New York City and is aligned to the Manhattan Grid.  By using this module, my design takes the existing design of the surrounding sidewalks and transforms it into a playful sea of multicolored shapes. It will also be interesting to those high above in the surrounding office towers as the pavement would vibrate as the tourists below reveal and conceal different portions of the design.

UPDATE: DOT announced the winner.  Congratulations Molly Dilworth!

Bar Artisanal opened in a space that I helped design while working for AKA Creative.  I had dinner there and the space and food is stunning.  I left the office before construction began, but they did an amazing job.

Kudos Albert and Elle!

This installation was done to honor Wolf Prix of Coop Himmelb(l)au who was teaching one my seminars in graduate school.  Done with Daniel Carney and Mark Miller, the concept was to create a playful spatial event translated from the gestures a person makes while playing the piano.  The Player would sit at the piano and  don a pair of special black gloves.  These gloves were connected to a mysterious little black box which control the fans blowing of the thirty foot long piece of red silk.

Klavierwolke (PDF)

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