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2011.11.06- New light, watch out for it in Bluejay‘s upcoming video for their single “Sort of Like an Animal”

2011.11.01- E Pluribus Unagi

2011.10.16- I am absolutely floored by the feedback that I got this weekend.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

2011.10.07-  Come on Out the 15th & 16th from 6-12!

2010.06.09- Light No. 03 at 90% completion

2010.05.28- Crazy ideas are abrewin’

2010.05.27- Sort of Finished Light

I’ve been playing with this one for a while now and finally got it to work.  It seems like each ballast has a neurotic mind of its own.  This was  fun though since it is my first foray in the world of T5 lamps.  I’ve got some big, colorful ideas for the next light so stay tuned.

2010.05.07- Open Studio Tonight!  Come and Visit!

2010.05.05- The India Street Park is shaping up nicely!

2010.04. 16- Submitted to the Times Square RFP, wish me luck!

– The start of a new concrete light fixture.  Big Ideas.

UPDATE: Broken, note to self: Concrete is not like wood, upsize rather than downsize the drill bit when making pilot holes…

-Cementitious jewelry?  We’ll see…

-I’m contemplating starting a brand.  This would be a multidisciplinary design brand that encompasses the little (napkin rings?) to the very large (soccer stadium?).  Stay tuned to see how this goes…