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Title: Light No. 3
Size: 8′-0″ x 4′-0″ x 4′-0″
Media: Fluorescent Tubes, Colored Borosilicate Glass, Metal Conduit, Concrete, Wire, Paint

This is my first “big” light sculpture and it will be featured in an upcoming show in Williamsburg, stay tuned for details.


Title: Light #2
Size: 22″ x 6″ x 6″
Medium: Steel, Incandescent Light Bulb
Date: 2001

Title: Density
Size: 13″ x 10″ x 10″
Medium: Steel, Polyethylene Foam

I made this sculpture right before I graduated from college, literally.   I’m pretty sure I put my gown on at the studio and walked over to the procession.  To me it kind of resembles a brain, perhaps more of a brain from Tetsuo: The Iron Man, but a brain nonetheless.

Title: A Cubist’s Chair
Size: 36″ x 18″ x 18″
Medium: Steel
Date: 2001