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Well, I didn’t win, but here is my submission to DOT’s “reNEWable Times Square” RFP.   I’m guessing it is okay to post this now since I did not receive a phone call on Tuesday.  Enjoy!

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The brief asks for a temporary paving design for the pedestrian plazas between 42nd and 47th streets on Broadway.  The design enhances the electric space of Times Square and acts as a unifying design element for the ocular cacophony that is Times Square. Using simple components, a grid, primary colors, and squares, the result is highly complex. Intended to be evocative of pixels, tetris shapes, and Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie,” this design plays to the automatic nature of the Manhattan Grid.  The 5’x5’ module is based on the standard sidewalk flag size in New York City and is aligned to the Manhattan Grid.  By using this module, my design takes the existing design of the surrounding sidewalks and transforms it into a playful sea of multicolored shapes. It will also be interesting to those high above in the surrounding office towers as the pavement would vibrate as the tourists below reveal and conceal different portions of the design.

UPDATE: DOT announced the winner.  Congratulations Molly Dilworth!